You Don't Believe In God, 
You Believe In your Pastor

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Sampson Fam Books is a joint company with Sampson Fam Entertainment. As of 2011 we have independently created 5 films, (Cap City, Thug, 

Hell-O, What Tha?! and Champion) 2 urban gangster, a horror, a comedy and a martial arts film.  


 Publish at least one book per year


To combine the books with films and plays. 

Establish a Publishing company 

Except  books and create films and plays from other authors. 


. Continue to build a brand

. Accept and review books from independent authors

. secure all permission forms, score sheets, copy writes and any other forms           

needed by the distribution company.

. Sign authors with acceptable books.

. Publish books

.Create scripts

. Market books 

.Create plays and films