You Don't Believe In God, 
You Believe In your Pastor

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It was a very hard struggle with myself to come to grips with the information God blessed me with. My struggle was so great that I had come to the decision that I would never talk religion ever again but then I would find myself in a deep conversation with someone on the issues of religion.

I never wanted to be the controversial person when talking about religion. One reason people don’t know anything about it, so it makes for a hard conversation when you’re giving facts and they can only give what they feel because they have no facts. Second if you don’t believe like they believe they think you don’t believe in God, when actually my belief is far greater than theirs.

God has blessed me with the knowledge of the origin of the bible and my sister felt I should write this book. I struggled with that. She bugged me and bugged me to do it. I also started to feel that it was God motivating me to spread this information. At first I thought, maybe he wanted me to do it in the form of a movie but I would sit at the computer thinking of a script and the screen was blank for months. Then I thought maybe a play.

But once again I would sit at a blank screen. Meanwhile my sister kept bugging me to write a book. I sat down one day and thought about what to write and immediately I started typing.

Now I’m not saying that I was able to just flow with this. I was very reluctant to write a book because I would have to do a lot of research and use quotes.

It just seemed like too much work, so I left it alone for a while. My sister would call or text me asking, “How is the writing going?” So I would get back to it. Amazingly the information would just pop up. I even found out more information writing this book.

All the information in this book is quotes from my mentor whom I never met, Dr. Ray Hagins, Encyclopedia, Wikipedia, Christian Answers and other various sites on the Internet. All of which are reputable sources.

This information is not just my opinion. It comes from God. Trust me. I hate to read. God directed my every step. It comes from long research, conversations and interviews. This is not the 1800’s anymore. All the information is out there. You can look it up for yourself, study the origin of the bible, and find out what I found out.

Look up who wrote the bible and why. Find out where they got the concept of Jesus. Find out why there is no historical evidence on the existence of anybody in the bible. Find out who Saint Patrick was. Find out why the slave master that wouldn’t give us a decent meal to eat would give us Jesus. Find out why the bible promotes that we should be slaves.

Stop just listening to your pastor. Find out the information for yourself.

Verify the information your pastor is giving you. Stop believing in your pastor and believe in God.